Genshin Bunny Gacha Stickers, 1.75-2"

★ Product Description ★
- ~1.75in to 2in / ~4.5cm to ~5cm tall
- Vinyl material with matte finish
- Very durable with matte laminate! The touch feel is very nice, and they won't scratch or wear out! They can be put on phone cases, sketchbooks, and anywhere you like.
- Mostly waterproof; they will be fine on water bottles and brief water contact, but please do not submerge them entirely in water! Best to wipe off the water as soon as you can before it touches the edges of the sticker, as water getting underneath the laminate is how the print can get damaged
- Uh oh, looks like one of Albedo's experiments went wrong... or right? Either way, results reveal that everyone has turned into an adorable little bunny! Quick, scoop them in your hands before they turn back!

- Every character has an equal chance to be picked for the gacha, I do not manually choose or change the assortment once picked
- A roll is a randomly chosen sticker. A pick is a sticker of your choice, guaranteed to be included. Ex: '6 | Roll 5, Pick 1' means you will get 5 stickers at random and 1 of your choice!
- For picks, let me know in the personalization area which design you would like
- You can also ask for the 'pick' stickers to instead be randomly chosen too
- New characters may be added periodically to the sticker roster, though I only update the roster if a large amount of new playable characters have come out by then
- Guaranteed no duplicates within the same order! However, I cannot guarantee no duplicates between separate orders
- You can ask for one character to be specifically excluded in rolls (guaranteed NOT in your package)
- No returns, you get whom you get, that is part of the gacha fun!

'X (name)' X indicates that the character is unavailable to be picked/rolled at the moment
1. Lumine
2. Aether
3. Diluc
4. Klee
5. Venti
6. Kaeya
7. Childe
8. Zhongli
9. Xingqiu
10. Chongyun
11. Razor
12. Bennett
13. Fischl
14. Mona
15. Noelle
16. Amber
17. Sucrose
18. Diona
19. Lisa
20. Jean
21. Barbara
22. Rosaria
23. Albedo
24. Ganyu
25. Keqing
26. Ningguang
27. Beidou
28. Qiqi
29. Xinyan
30. Xiangling
31. Xiao
32. Hu Tao
33. Ayaka
34. Yanfei
35. Eula
36. Dainsleif
37. Kazuha
38. Gorou
39. Itto
40. Sara
41. Raiden
42. Yae
43. Kokomi
44. Yoimiya
45. Thoma
46. Sayu
47. Scaramouche
48. Signora

◆ Shipping Infomation ◆
- Sent using either a bubble mailer or flat mailer or letter envelope
- Ships out within one week
- Delivery depends on your location

★ Notes ★
- Colors may vary depending on your screen
- Slightly off-center cuts are normal
- Xingqiu and Kokomi have the curse of 'off-center cutting most of the time, no matter what I do'
- Only mostly water-proof! They are durable but the ink may dilute if water gets under the laminate.
- Characters belong to MiHoYo
- Thank you @KinsFunGhoul on Twitter for the last photo B)

◆ Contact ◆
- Emnide @
- Emnide on Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter
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